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Concrete Garage Floors Yakima – Installation, Repair, & Replacement

Concrete Garage Floors in YakimaAre you tired of seeing your cracks and faded paint job on your concrete floor? Kent’s Quality Concrete is a leading garage floor coating contractor in Yakima and specializes in garage floor repair, replacement, and finishing.

With over 18 years of experience in concrete garage floor installation in Yakima, our team has mastered the understanding of the best finishes to keep it looking great for long. With the use of our specially formulated protective finish, you can be sure that your floor will not look any different 10 to 20 years from now than it does the day after we complete your floor.

When you have started to notice any cracks or other signs of concrete degradation, our professionals can help you repair a cracked concrete garage floor in Yakima. When you paint your garage floor, it peels faster, but concrete can better withstand the diverse temperature and humidity fluctuations. Over time, your garage floors Yakima will shrink, expand, and crack. But don’t fret! Our experts can fill in those cracks in your flooring and protect it from any damage with a high-performance epoxy.

Garage Floors Yakima – Why Epoxy Floor Coating is the Best Option?

Finishing your garage floor can be the ideal way to enhance the garage’s value and appearance, as well as simplify the routine process of cleaning and maintenance. Plenty of floor coating options exists that provide durable and long-lasting finishes for garages used for vehicles of any weight. Epoxy garage floors in Yakima are the best option that guarantees a professional finish with long-lasting benefits. Your epoxy floor is an investment that not only looks great but also provides the long-term durability that you need to keep your business going.

Epoxy coatings for garage floors in Yakima are resistant to many household cleaners, various chemical cleaners, motor oil, gasoline, bleach, and acids. No matter how long fluids sit on the surface of an epoxy coating, they can still be easily cleaned and do not usually cause stains. Due to the epoxy’s hardness and thickness, it’s resistant to abrasion from the kind of items people typically have in their garage, like metal wheeled tool boxes, floor jacks, and even jack stands. Epoxy flooring has high impact resistance as well, so dropped tools or even heavy free weights typically do not chip or otherwise damage an epoxy coating.

Garage Floors Yakima – Contact Us for Repairs and Replacement

Looking for concrete garage floor replacement in Yakima? No demolition required at Kent’s Quality Concrete! You can leave your existing floor as is and have it power-washed, repaired, and coated with our excellent garage floor coatings for a one-day job that has years of durability, color options, and glossiness!

Want to know what your options are to fix a cracked concrete garage floor in Yakima? Give us a call to schedule a free inspection! One of our experts will look at your current flooring, no matter what type it is, and provide you with a free quote. And if you can’t stop by, send us a picture, and we’ll give you a quote.